Beet + Blood Orange Mocktail

Jul 22, 2016

I’ve bartended for almost a decade & women are constantly asking me to make them something fun, creative & delicious – sans alcohol. 

But many of the restaurants I’ve worked in are limited in their product, consisting of poor quality juice & soda that most often come out of a gun. After years of mixing additive-laden juice, sugar-filled soda & enough virgin mojitos to make my head spin, I need to share creative alternatives to the standard non-alcoholic drinks.

A Shirley Temple is NOT sexy.

So what makes a great mocktail?

  • High-quality, clean ingredients free of refined sugar & additives
  • A delicious flavour profile
  • A pretty garnish & attractive glassware 

Healthy mocktails are possible, friends. 

So if you’re detoxing, training, recovering, trying to get pregnant, pregnant, breastfeeding or just looking to get drunk on life…

This mocktail is for you. 

Quickly, let’s talk ingredients:

Blood Oranges

Blood oranges contain an amazing antioxidant called anthocyanin, which gives these oranges their deep red color. It protects the body from damaging free radicals that contribute to the development of many degenerative diseases & premature aging of the skin. Free radicals are formed when our bodies are exposed to UV radiation, pollution, stress, smoking, & alcohol (just to mention a few). 

They’re also supercharged with vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production & is essential for healing & repairing body tissue.  


Beets contain unique phytonutrients called betalains. They support our body’s Phase 2 detoxification process, which is when broken down toxins are bound to other molecules so they can be excreted from the body.  

In addition to detox support, beets aid in purifying our blood & liver from nasty toxins.


Lemons strengthen the liver by providing energy to liver enzymes, aiding the body’s detoxification process that can result in clearer skin.


If you follow me Instagram you’ll see ginger makes numerous appearances in my routine. From body scrubs to smoothies, ginger is truly amazing for the benefits it has to offer. 

Load up on ginger if you were out cocktailing this weekend. It will help relieve nausea & digestive issues that can ensue from drinking. 

The tools you’ll need:

  • Muddler
  • Jigger
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Hawthorne strainer
  • Cone strainer

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Mocktail: Beet + Blood Orange
Serves 1
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  1. ½ inch piece of ginger, peeled & thinly sliced
  2. ¼ ounce liquid honey
  3. 1 ounce lemon juice*
  4. 2 ounces beet juice
  5. 4 ounces blood orange juice*
  1. Put honey & ginger into a cocktail shaker & muddle (muddling is a technique used to release the flavor & fragrance of the ginger)
  2. Pour in lemon, beet, & blood orange juice
  3. Shake with ice for 15-20 seconds
  4. Using both a Hawthorne & cone strainer, strain contents of shaker into a champagne glass
  5. Garnish with a slice of beet or a blood orange peel
  1. The handle of a wooden spoon can be used if you don’t have a muddler.
  2. Some mocktails require a two-stage straining process to ensure the drink is free of ice & particles (usually muddled fruit, herbs, or spices). For these it’s ideal to use a fine mesh cone strainer, since it’s specifically made for cocktails. The deep V of the cone ensures the liquid goes directly inside the glass. An inexpensive kitchen sieve can also do the trick.
  3. I suggest removing the pulp from both the lemon & blood orange juice before assembling, as it’ll throw off the measurements when making the drink.

One of my favorite cocktail books is from Death & Co., a popular cocktail bar in New York City, where they go more into detail about bartending techniques.