Did you know most conventional tampons are bleached with CHLORINE?

Sisters, we DO NOT need chlorine touching our lady parts. Dioxins & furans are toxic byproducts of chlorine, which are known carcinogens linked to cancer, immune system impairment, liver problems & reproductive damage. Tampons & pads can also contain pesticide residue, unknown fragrance chemicals & adhesives that have been linked to endocrine disruption & skin allergies.

This is scary because our vaginal tissue is porous, which means chemicals saturated in conventional tampons are easily distributed through the body.

Dealing with Aunt Flow is enough… We don’t need the added health risks.

Chemicals used in feminine care products are essentially unregulated in the U.S. & Canada. Neither the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) nor the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires ingredients to be listed on the packaging for tampons & pads.

The FDA claims there are no health risks with these chemicals since levels are at or below the detectable limit. But these risks are underestimated. A small trace amount of dioxin is known to cause damage. Just think of all the tampons you’d use in a lifetime… Those toxins accumulate in the body over time.

Plus, I’m not one to always believe the FDA’s standard of measurement. I mean, they allow for MSG & carcinogenic dyes in our food.

Beware of “elemental chlorine-free bleaching” on labels. This only means that chlorine gas isn’t used to bleach the products, but other types of chlorine are still used in the bleaching process.  

Also, vag cleaners… Just don’t go there.

They can lead to various health problems, including yeast & bacterial infections, STIs & problems getting pregnant. Washing your lady parts with chemical-filled products can disturb the natural balance of vaginal flora that helps maintain an acidic environment, protecting your vag from infections & irritation.

I found these organic tampons at a local health food store. They’re made with 100% cotton & are totally free of chlorine & fragrance. I like that they’re biodegradable too (less plastic in Mother Nature!).

Trust me, this post isn’t sponsored. As a woman who cares about your health, I just had to share!

So the next time Aunt Flow is in town, show your ‘jay some love. Go organic.