Hello, beauties.

Just because January is over, doesn’t mean our health goals should fall to the wayside.

Whatever your health intentions are this year, I’ve listed some simple ways to help carry out your goals. Whether you’re looking to drink more lemon water, consume less caffeine, ditch your microwave, create deeper, meaningful connections, or engage in more life-giving activities, every small effort will elevate your health.

Below are 5 tips to set you up for health success in 2016:

Be clear on the feelings you want to cultivate; it will allow you to make positive health choices that align with your goals.

If you’re clear that you want to feel strong, sexy, energized, and empowered in 2016, you can make food and lifestyle choices that support your newfound health goals.

Just thinking I’m going to quit something makes my chest tight. It feels as if I’m depriving myself and I’m flooded with thoughts of failure and disappointment. It makes me want to give up before I’ve begun.

No one needs that kind of pressure; it’s not conducive to healthy living.

Try expressing yourself differently:

Moving on
Changing direction
Embracing the new
Taking off

A little positivity can go a long way!

It boils down to 2 things: values and priorities.

Investing in your health is long term, so amp up the premium fuel you nourish your body with, add an extra 7 days to your vacation and enjoy unlimited yoga. 

Making your health a priority means you can be your best for those around you.

You deserve some serious self-love!

See above.

It’s all about your V’s & P’s, my friend.

You choose how to fill up the 24 hours in your day.

When introducing new health goals to your life you’ll no doubt feel empowered, but you may also face challenges. Change isn’t always easy, but if you dedicate time in your schedule for some self-love and preparation, you’re setting up for success! Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier, use Sundays as a food prep day; do whatever you need to do to devote time in your schedule to your health. In no time, an uncomfortable change will become a habit and you’ll be one step closer to reaching your goals.

I’m not saying make 6 chicken breasts and a giant bowl of salad to leave sitting in your fridge as you grudgingly chip away at it throughout the week.

On Sundays, write down a general idea of what you’d like to eat during the week for every meal. This way when it hits 4 pm on Wednesday you won’t be scrambling to figure out what to eat for dinner (almond butter and toast, anyone?).

Planning snacks are also important when you’re on the go.

There have been countless times where I’ve been left starving with only fast food joints and gas stations as viable options; neither which caters to my lifestyle. Being prepared with pre-planned snacks and meals, has saved me time and time again from hanger’s wrath.

Planning meals in advance allows you to shop with intention at the grocery store, saves time, will get you excited to cook and eat, and most importantly, allow you to make food choices that align with your health goals.

Bonus: It’ll also save you $$. Since your meals are planned, you’ll make use of the XL box of baby kale you picked up from WholeFoods because you actually know what to do with it.

What helps you stay motivated and focused to reach your health goals? I’d love to hear.